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We work with business owners for a variety of reasons.

Access Capital for Growth

Is your business looking to expand?

STNL Capital can help unlock equity within your real estate holdings to ensure a smooth growth trajectory, allowing you to expand your operations and increasing your EBITDA.

Restructure Balance Sheet

Do you need to streamline your corporate level debt?

Often time franchisees need to simplify their debt structure and by doing so can increase their bottom line. Sale leasebacks provide a strategic vehicle to achieve this goal.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Are you looking to expand through mergers and acquisitions?

STNL Capital partners with private equity firms, corporations and franchisees to help unlock capital tied to their real estate.

Selling Your Business

Are you ready to sell your business?

STNL Capital works closely with seasoned operators ready to retire or sell their business. We offer a great solution that provides you more capital and the confidence of a reliable close.

Sale Leasebacks

Real Estate Acquisitions

Featured STNL real estate acquisitions.

Our Streamlined Process

We keep our transaction process simple and efficient. Our goal is to complete transactions in 60 days or less from start to close.

Review Documents
Apply Online, Provide Basic Business and Real Estate Information
Letter of Intent
Provide an Offer to Purchase Real Estate
Buyer to Provide Purchase and Sale Agreement
Due Diligence
Buyer Begins Due Diligence Process
Closing, Execute Lease and Receive Funds
Time to Close
60 Days or Less

We specialize in single tenant net lease buildings.

Single Tenant Buildings

National Focus

Portfolio's up to $50 million

Life Sciences

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